Basic Things You Should Know About Web.

On my previous blog/story I’ve enlightened your eagerness of learning web. There are also some interesting things and facts in this. Today let’s talk about those.

What is Web Development?

In simple words it’s basically a work that helps us to develop a website on the internet. You can either make a single static page or a complex web page. Larger organizations require a large group of developers for their websites and their business. Web development usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites- coding and writing markup. Web development may use Content Management System (CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic tech skills. Web has developed this world in a technological perspective. There are three kinds of Web Developer Specialization : Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer and Full-Stack Web Developer. Front-End Developers are responsible for behavior and visuals that run in the user browser, while Back-End Developers deal with the servers. And the Full-Stack Developer is an expert who deals with the both side i.e. the front-end development and the back-end development. That’s not for today. I’ll discuss more about this on another day.

Writing thousands of lines of code is not it. You should really know what it does. Creating a website is not only about learning various programming languages you should also learn about devtools, github, APIs and many more. There are some basic technologies that are required to create a website and host it on your own. We’ll talk about it:

  1. HTML/CSS/JS : Suppose you’re constructing a house, being a architect of the house you should make a plan first and then execute the plan. The construction process goes like this :- The base of the building (The walls, the floor, the roof), then the interior and exterior colors and finally installation of electricity and water. This is just an example about what you’re about to learn. The HTML part of the website gives the website a solid structure and just builds it. The CSS part of the website gives the website a beautiful look with colors, margins etc… The CSS part basically beautifies your website. And finally the JS part takes care of the behavior of your website. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These two are the core of a website. Where as JS which stands for JavaScript is not a core of any website. JavaScript is highly in-demand nowadays. It makes your webpage more interactive and all. If you want to learn more about this JS thing than you’ve to dive deep inside it. This language is used in Frontend and Back end too. You can see any websites coding by right clicking and selecting inspect.
  2. GitHub : Okay now you’ve made a website on your own. Now what? Suppose your website is about your business or for the welfare of the society, but it wouldn’t work out if people can’t see it. So you’ve to host your website. GitHub is the place where you can host your site, create repositories, branches, commits and pull requests. We’ll talk about this later on. If you’re eager to know more about GitHub you can visit I’ll recommend if you’re learning web development then you should probably get in touch with Git asap and learn more about it. It’ll help you host your webpage and reveal your work to others.
  3. Browser Devtools : Your time is more valuable than anything else. And you can make changes and debug your webpage using Devtools. You can edit HTML/CSS elements or properties, check device, track JS errors etc. This makes your work lot easier than searching the thousands lines of code you’ve written. You can also check if your webpage is responsive according to other devices like Mobile, tab etc. Browser Devtools have different tabs like elements, console, network etc. a dev must know at least briefly about all these. Most people use Google Chrome browser and. Chrome Devtools to develop or debug their webpage or website. It makes the work of a developer a lot simpler and a lot easier.
  4. Wireframing : A developer must work on wireframing his project before he starts. Now what does wireframing means? The word ‘wireframe’ may look like a difficult thing to learn, but it’s not even like that. Wireframe is a 2D blueprint of the website the dev is going to make writing tons of code. Wireframing is done on a piece of paper and the dev is supposed to draw/plan the web page he’s going to make and develop. It’s simple as that. It makes the work a lot easier and saves time. You can develop the part of the webpage by looking at the wireframing you’ve done. It sounds a lot easier right? Well it is…Good luck!!
  5. Practice : Web development is nothing about reading books and memorizing. It’s more about practicing on your own pc or laptop. The more you practice, the more you learn. There will be lots of errors and mistakes in your coding, but always remember debugging is also a main part of learning. Even the large companies makes mistakes building their web. There are lots of tags and properties in web development techs. You don’t have to remember all of them, but few of them are important to remember and memorize. And the rest of it? You can always go to MDN of W3School for these. They are the best guides for web development. Always remember to do it practically. You can take notes but if you don’t practice it regularly it’ll not help you learn.

I told as much I could, hope this helps. Good Luck on your journey. I’ll see you next time!!!

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