On my previous blog/story I’ve enlightened your eagerness of learning web. There are also some interesting things and facts in this. Today let’s talk about those.

What is Web Development?

In simple words it’s basically a work that helps us to develop a website on the internet. You can either make a single static page or a complex web page. Larger organizations require a large group of developers for their websites and their business. Web development usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites- coding and writing markup. Web development may use Content Management System (CMS) to…

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Devs and Programmers are all over the world. As a beginner anyone can ask is it too hard to be a Dev or a programmer? Trust me, it’s not hard, it’s all in our mind. Everyone should have a least knowledge about CS and all these programming stuff. Sometime it can get boring but practically it’s the most interesting thing ever in this world. Beginners must have heard about HTML and CSS and are surely eager to know more about this. Those are the basics. …

Rik Biswas

I'm a student of Journalism and Mass Communication. Besides I'm learning Web Development. I was thinking why don't I express my ideas and stories . So I joined.

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